AI Now | 2016 Symposium Archive

The 2016 AI Now Symposium on the Social and Economic Impact of Artificial Intelligence Technologies was the first annual AI Now symposium, co-hosted by AI Now, NYU, and the Obama White House's Office of Science and Technology. The event was part of the White House's Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence Initiative, which convened four separate workshops exploring AI's future impacts. To explore the social and economic implications, AI Now 2016 gathered 100 leading experts on looking at AI's effect on inequality, labor, health, and ethics. These experts spent a day in closed-door talks and discussion, then joined an evening program open to the public. 

Following the event, AI Now summarized key themes and insights in the AI Now Report.  

AI Now 2016 topic primers, prepared as summaries for expert attendees prior to the event: 

AI Now 2016 video of workshop and public symposium talks and panels

AI Now 2016 attendees and speakers